An Important Interview with XTX

(I’m a journalist, I swear. This interview with xtX is important cause it deals with the issues of today)

Bicyclemark: Im gonna ask you earth shattering questions… ready?
XTx: oh crap
Bicyclemark: First Question —
Bicyclemark: What does your IPOD smell like… honestly?
XTx: hold on…let me check
XTx: it’s funny…. the back of it doesn’t smell like anything…. but the front of it smells like wintergreen (yes, i really smelled it)
Bicyclemark: wow. thats good! lickable even
XTx: i could try that if you want to hold on? doesn’t taste so wintergreeney the touch wheel is actually kinda bitter

Bicyclemark: Q2: You’re an artist… what was your inspiration that led to your latest exhibition of “The Cheese People”
XTx: Well, my inspiration was really the boredom of the meeting i was in.
XTx: i was handling the wax and it got soft and warm, and i began to make little shapes, and…the shapes became little cheese things- it was fun!

Bicyclemark: It looks fun… followup Q: After all the hoopla about the GATES.. do you have anything similar planned for any city in the world?
XTx: i haven’t thought about that. but now that you mention it, perhaps a teeny tiny version of The Gates, but based on my cheesewax creations.
XTx: i could decorate an entire Bratz townhome
XTx: or…i might just crazy glue them all onto my car and drive around creating a spectacle

Bicyclemark: that is brilliant! smelly perhaps.. but brilliant…. ok …When you Open Up Your Mat? Caf? called ?I say Tamato you Say Tomat??- Where do you think will be the best location?
XTx: I think i’d have to say Universal City Walk, it’s outside of Universal Studios
XTx: lots of shops, kinda Vegas-y
XTx: I would put a giant Mate cup outside of it, made of lights, that would flash
XTx: nonstop
Bicyclemark: wow.. flashing is key.
XTx: and have all the hired help wear skirts
XTx: even if they are men
Bicyclemark: Aren?t they kilts then?
XTx: no plaid
XTx: they will be leather skirts
Bicyclemark: H-O-T
XTx: so hawt
Bicyclemark: OK now… name one thing.. or two.. you still havent done in vegas, but would like to do
XTx: well, the first thing i haven’t done and would like to do is to win a huge million dollar jackpot
XTx: and the second thing is to have sex in the champagne room
Bicyclemark: (sidenote: i saw showgirls last night for the first time… stunning piece of cinema)
XTx: oh my god it was laughable, but lots of nice boobies
Bicyclemark: I felt liz berkley’s pain
XTx: where is she now? maybe i can hire her for my mate shop
XTx: i’ll have a pole in the corner…for re-enactments
Bicyclemark: good thinking.
XTx: entertainment AND mate
Bicyclemark: Well T… thanks for this interview
XTx: you are welcome, i hope i answered them all correctly
Bicyclemark: Im gonna stop cause I have to Pee
XTx: me too!!!!!!!!!!!! my legs are crossed
Bicyclemark: lets go pee…
XTx: yay!

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