Yeast 2

Madge Weinstein: I got a vagina in the mail today.
Madge Weinstein: Someone sent me a silicon vagina with lube
bicyclemark: Really! scented?
Madge Weinstein: i didn’t smell it
Madge Weinstein: no batteries, though. and girlscout cookies!
bicyclemark: thats sweet
Madge Weinstein: it’s fucked up
bicyclemark: I want those cookies with the peanut butter in the middle
bicyclemark: the vagina?
Madge Weinstein: it has like a little bit of fake hair on it
they have a fetish site and want me to plug it
Madge Weinstein: so they sent me a cunt
Madge Weinstein: Maybe chauncey will lick it

Will Chauncey the dog lick it? Find out, on the next edition of Yeast Radio.


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