That Roll

For those who may be wondering, my next podcast will arrive on sunday. I’ve held off this week for numerous reasons, including fighting off Pod Fatigue (other peoples, not mine), letting people catch up, been travlin’ within the NL, and had visitors!

Gotta mention fun times in Enschede (east of the netherlands)at a blogger dinner with such friends as Miss Mathemagenic, Anjo, Carla, Ton, and of course the visiting Steph “thesumofmyparts”. Cool conversations, fun people, though I felt myself definitely the non-academic blogger, and beyond that — scarey do admit — I start to identify myself more and more as a podcaster! Isn’t that odd? I mean, blogging is my bread and butter, but suddenly podcasting has become my passion. Scarey.

And so now I’m showing Sweden’s infamous blog researcher around Amsterdam this weekend. A bit of biking, walking, restauranting, and minimal tourism. In our conversations, which are filled with blog-knowledge-nerdness, we’ve debated the importance of the blogroll. (list of links on your left) She has said that they don’t mean much, and most bloggers don’t read everything in their roll. To which I responded, SAY IT AINT SO?!

Every single blog in my list matters to me, friends. Or else I wouldn’t have it there! And let me add this, if I’ve blogrolled you and you haven’t shown me the same respect and added me, I won’t make a big fuss, but I consider it extremely rude. I will go as far as taking blogs OFF my list if they don’t link me after months or years of having been linked. Ediqette friends… I believe in it. And if I link you, it’s because I want to show my respect and also compliment your work which appeals to me. So I gotta insist, links in the margin do mean ALOT to me.

Today’s Sounds: Frank Sinatra – Capital Years Best Of