Some Soft Wear

Few things need to be discussed today, point by point sometimes helps.

– Ayer, it was Radiohumper’s B-day! The great sierra, who pushes the blogosphere and myself to do more, care harder, and just say it. If I ever had any doubt about mixing my passion for world affairs into my blogposts, she helped erase that doubt. It’s nothing short of a pleasure to travel in similar blog circles as the one and only RH. Parabens querida.

– The Robot Condoleeza announced today that she wouldn’t run for president in 2008. The announcement was made without emotion and in a monotone voice. A reporter asked a question to which it responded “questioning government does not compute.” To which the press core smiled and laughed, to the collective declaration… “isn’t she charming.”

– A blogger that I periodically/randomly keep up with, Contentious, makes some good points about using AOL instant messenger. Follow the link and read about how the losers at AOL can claim ownership over any ideas you talk about in your chats. She even recommends we stop using AIM. I’d love to, trouble is, my generation of net users grew up with AIM and AOL, and while hopefully most people have stopped using that crap-ass service, I know many use it cause they know it… like an old friend. Too bad when your friend double crosses you. I think AIM should eventually just shrivel up and die since Skype, MSN, and even Yahoo all have better options. (yeah.. AIM does have the more known web-based version)

– This one’s not so much about software, but if any of my dear readers are making the journey from the SanFran area to Amsterdam in the coming weeks, and you’re willing to run drugs carry a consumer electronics product… email me. (bicyclemark at yahoo)

Today’s Sounds: Madge Weinstein on the SloerieSource