Life Roundup

As much as I love google mail, and it looks all manageable, I’ve never seen an email box so huge and I’m pretty sure emails are falling through the cracks. Putting a star on things isn’t special if everythings got a star on it. So I thought to write a bit of a life update. This time — it’s personal.

For transparency sake, I wanted to say something about all the beautiful donations you guys sent me. Something around 30 people contributed, and that was a huge honor. All in all, I now find myself with a nice cash gift from ye the readers. Nevermind the specifics, lets just say it amounts to almost 1/4 the cost of my powerbook. Speaking of my love child, he/she will be arriving in Amsterdam around the 14th of April, much thanks to Crazy Dr. M who read my troubles and had a solution. If anyone out there still wishes to leave me a tip, it will still be appreciated. But beyond that, you guys rock!

New business: I will definitely be appearing in Northern Sweden for a week on the 19th of April, Umea to be exact, where I’m speaking at the very hip HUMlab. Well, they seem hip to me. What am I going to say? I’m talkin podcasting of course! So I intend to curse alot, where old jeans, and keep shouting lines from Pump up the Volume like.. “Steal the Air.” Remember that film? Harry would have loved podcasting. And it’s much easier to fit in a jeep wrangler. Oh.. I digress, going to Umea means getting to spend (more) time with delightfully crazy swedish bloggers like HER, him, and maybe the infamous him. Actually breaking into her and him is lame, cause there are way more.. but oh well.

Also, I thought Vermont was a cool state, but they just banned blogging in High Schools. So sing it with me “FUCK VERMONT”. Blog hard high school students!

Today’s Sounds: Postal Service – Giving Up and Giving In (oh so classic)