Icey Nights

Well it’s late, and I’m on the wine tonight. Encouraged by a new, young, and beautiful Australian, who I can only imagine is reading this right now. The beautiful Amsterdam snow has turned into scarey but funny ice, funny in that “hey Ive fallen and broken a bone” kind of way. Not that I have… I haven’t.. ever.

Some would say, in all my recent blabber, I’ve gone UNPOLITICAL? Check the archives.. the communiqu? was built on politics, and I can assure you we still feel strongly about shit going down in the world. I wanted to talk about the country with my favorite flag ever, Lebanon, but in fact, I’m more eager to talk about DR Congo. Funny, when you write it, it looks like Dr. Congo. Dr. Congo.. you have a telephone call at the front desk.

I’ve been watching the BBC footage. Sometimes I get captivated with their images, and the recent stories out of Bunia about the UN Peacekeepers getting aggressive and killing militia members, catches me like a deer in headlights. They keep showing these images of the peacekeepers, Bangladesh and Pakistani troops in blue helmets and green camouflage that doesn’t really conceal a person amidst the yellow and brown dryness. It looks as if their uniforms don’t fit, and they have no idea where they are. Fish out of water… swimming amongst the desperate people of the DRC.

Thing is, I admire them like crazy. The UN Peacekeepers, who come from places like Jordan or Uruguay… who don’t fit that overused profile of the big and strong soldier from a wealthy nation, who fights to promote democracy or freedom, or whatever this year’s bullshit cause is. These guys just look like they’re there. Maybe a bit scared and lost, but always dedicated. I wonder if they call home and say “Hi hon, Im promoting freedom.” I doubt it. I bet they call home, to Dhaka and Islamabad, and they say “yes.. the congo is interesting… we’re doing what we can…I’m tired.. soon I will come home. love you wife/child/friend.” (is the UN taking female troops, cause theyre not in the images?)

That’s it.. I just wanted to share that. And then tell you that Ms Thingk is starting to make waves in DC and has now secured a place with the National Organization for Women. Or is it of Women? Too tired and buzzed to check.

And cheers to the man I call friend, Lloyd from Perfect Path. Not only does he do great podwalks, and podcurry, but he gave me a Flickr pro account as a gift! Thanks Lloyd! No more limit problems per month… I promise Soundseeing choc full of photos of Amsterdam in the Snow this weekend.

Today’s Sounds: Slackers – The Question