No offence to anyone who visited me in the netherlands over the past 3 or so years, but the past 6 months have been some of my most favorite houseguest adventures ever. Whether it was NoCoins and Tawdryjones coming over from Philly, my dear cousin N coming over from Portugal, or my latest houseguest characochan, who flew away this morning; I have really enjoyed their presence. Different reasons for each, but overall, to be in the city I am so in love with, and to be able to show the people I love my life here.

I think we all go through this, right? Maybe it’s called validation or something. The idea that something is important to you, and you want important people in your life to see it first hand and if possible – share in it.

And as if the year couldn’t get any better, one of my newest and most favorite friends and blogscientist is making the journey from northern sweden, in only a few weeks. Excited isn’t word enough to describe. And it doesn’t stop there, formerly of fame, and now a gal, Bronwyn is coming to town and by that time we will have a powerbook duel. (consider it the dueling banjos of the 2000’s)

Speaking of Apple… a few more tips today: Brian and BadHareDay, thanks to everyone who’s been able to toss in a few bucks in the jar… I’m well on my way to hitting my target (money for half of it), so really – thanks to all of you.

Hey go check me out gueststarring on a blog about coffee! Mat? represent!

Today’s Sounds: Bill Frisell – Transcontinentals