Funked Up

You figure after a super fun trip to a mac nerd conference with none other than DucSloerie and FashionSloerie of the Sloeriesource podcast, nothing could bring me down. The show itself wasn’t a huge deal, it looked like the senior prom at Apple High, where Steve Jobs would be our principal, and our basketball team would probably have a going rivalry with the St.Micrsoft High School team.

And while it was neat to see all the I-this and I-that’s, my favorite part was getting to finally hang with the infamous podcast duo. And just like with many bloggers I have met recently (or not so recently) it was like meeting people you’ve known for years and years. Which also made it not so wierd when both DucSloerie and myself are walking around the event with Irivers around our necks and microphones attached to our shirts. At some point a guy comes up to us and asks if we’re podcasting, and as I introduce myself he says “oh, I knew your voice was familiar. I liked your soundseeing of the red light, albert cuyp…” – I’m famooose, you see.

Unfortunately no matter how known I may or may not be, I can’t seem to get a very important piece of consumer electronics smuggled out of the San Fran area. I’m dyin. Plan A died early on. Plan B croaked amidst much drama and some good samaritans. Plan C doesn’t exist. Is there any kind reader in the Bay Area that is making a journey to Amsterdam? I swear I’ll cook you dinner, give you bike, tuck you in at night, shine your shoes… Ill even dedicate blog posts to you. That’s almost as good as poetry!!? I’m serious, this shit is making me miserable…

Only this wonderful xtx story can make me feel better. or dirty. either one is good.

Today’s Sounds: Complete Silence, in the heart of Amsterdam.