Dutch Easter

The ranch is like a ghosttown on easter weekend. Amsterdamers tend to run off to family to enjoy the four day weekend. While hardly anyone is religious, they of course love their easter weekend here. Everyone wishes everyone a happy easter, but I like how its got nothing to do with some dude popping out of a cave with holes in his hands.

Recently alot of international students have been coming up to me at the fishtank to say “BM, I finally saw the PASSION ….. usually I think they’re talking about some B-Porn film.. but then I remember that whole jesusy film. I then ask them what they thought of it (still havent seen and dont care really) to which I’ve heard a very similar response from each and every one of them — “What a piece of shit film! I hated it. I found myself yelling at the screen, GET ON WITH IT… GET ON THE DAM CROSS.” I find it funny cause so many have said that exact line. They usually add a complaint about the specific scene in the film where hanging jeebus looks down on his mum and says something like “WOman, look upon your son.. bla bla bla” and the complain is always “Who calls their mom, WOMAN? What kind of bullshit is that?” Guess JC was a bit of a bastard towards him mom.

Anyway, how did I get onto this film? Oh yeah Easter… happy fucking easter. My easter wish, brace yourself: I hope the pope dies. YES – I said it, just to see if the vatican secret service will come to my door and bop me in the head with a cross or maybe the swiss guard will hit me with a staff or something. I love their pajamas.

Oh, go listen to the latest Sloeriesource and you’ll hear me in dutch for most of the show. Ive been listening to it and its trippy to hear yourself speaking dutch, trust me.

Today’s Sounds: Belle & Sebastian – Boy With an Arab Strap