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The minute I heard Paul Wolf-Man-o-Witz was nominated by little bush to be the head of the world bank, I looked outside to see if pigs had taken flight. I checked on Drudge to see if hell had frozen over, cause he would know about that first. Then I asked the internets if maybe the wolfman had some experience working in international development or finance, other then planning and making wars, the internets gave me a blank stare. This called for a stiff glass of vodka, swedish of course.

Maybe you didn’t know. Maybe you don’t tend to worry about these things. Or perhaps you’ve come to expect this type of stupidity from this government, and well, let’s face it — a world that is full of political stupidity. But me, not only did I get concerned since the WB provides important fundage which hopefully helps developing countries get on their feet, but I also thought about my dear Blueberry Girl, who would find herself working under that war-criminal. *shutters* But hey, no surprise to see my dear friend and her co-workers getting together and giving a collective F you to the nomination. And if I were them, I’d declare a general strike if he gets the job. Good luck running the ship you know nothing about without a staff.

I can only imagine the new policies he would bring with him… more of that puritanical neo-fascist insanity; no funds for governments that recognize gay marriages, or the right to have an abortion, or don’t agree to invade random countries. You figure this group of rich old men already rule most of the world, why do they need MORE power?

Hey, on the visiter Tote-Board, the mighty mighty Bronwyn is in town. I cooked dinner for her and a friend tonight, couscous ala BM — recipe forthcoming, whenever I get to it. I think I’m not allowed to mention her business in Europe.. it’s very hush hush and high profile. Anyhoo.. it was cool to meet a blogger that I have been corresponding with and reading since way back when.

Today’s Sounds: Lali Puna – Tridecoder