A Peel to Readers

I’ve been racking my brains. For the past few nights… racking my brains. I thought if I watched Anti’s most excellent movieclip in a bank, I would feel better about things. But the truth is, the problem remains: my computer is dying.

Thats right.. you’ve probably been there before; the gigs are drying out, about 8 left of the original 25, and going fast due to the demand and my love for podcasting. My soundcard is defective… I can’t skype or record audio live onto my system. The mic-in jack is jacked and HP doesn’t give a shit cause my baby is from 2002, and the computer experts on the internets have given up. Plus without the help of this under-the-laptop loud-ass cooling fan, my computer will overheat and crash. – By now you gotta be pitying me… bicyclemark; daily blogger, podcaster extraordinaire, and internaut, watching his machine fade.

I don’t have much of a salary, to say the least. But I’ve had important conversations with good bloggers and podcasters out there. From Madame L in France, to Anti in LA, to DucSloerie in the NL, etc… everyone has urged me to take action. After listening to the long podcasts from Madge Weinstein, where she skypes with the whole world, and then thinking of how I’d like to do that, and really just be able to skype with my own brother and NEPHEW, I am hereby starting a campaign.

Oh it’s a bit of a shot in the dark. A risk. But I have seen what you the readers and podcast listeners are capable of. You back me up when I need backing. Sending fantastic gifts from every corner of the planet. Like cash to pay for the hosting, music for my brain and soul, bumperstickers for my wall, and you’ve even bought wacky goods from my souvenir shop. Don’t think for a second I don’t feel so greatful for all that — but this is much bigger.

I will buy a MAC! Yes a MAC! An IBook I think, since it’s most affordable. BUT — I must appeal to all of you, as much as a lame-ass that it makes me feel. I’m appealing for some support. Tips if you will. I get around 140 conventional readers per day, and my subsribe stats say 600+. So I’m askin that, if you feel so empowered and capable, and want to keep me on the internets and doing what I love to do, while sharing with you… send me some money, whatever you think my work is worth to you. Click on the tipjar in the left hand column… the paypal.. it’s hassle free.. and toss me a few bucks. I’m hoping to raise at least half of the cost of a new IBook.

Man… I feel dirty talking about money. and even dirtier asking for it. But whatever, I’ve seen so much beauty and coolness in the blogosphere and podcast world… I forsee trouble ahead if I don’t do this. And of course, I loves you even if you don’t wanna throw some cash to help me out. Thanks friends, back to REAL blogging tomorrow.

Today’s Sounds: Charles Mingus – Moanin’