A Letter to Ray

delayed post because blogger sucks a fat one lately.

Dear Mr. Ray Charles Robinson,

I just saw the film about your life, and I really wanted to talk to you. I know you were involved in the making, so I wanted to make sure to say — incredible work. Beyond that, I think I haven’t appreciated your music enough, so from now on, I’ll be collecting old Ray Charles recordings. My name’s BM and I play horn, and grew up in New Jersey, but now I live in the Europa. I write a little blog and produce a podcast as well, so I wanted to tell you I’ll be talking highly about you on both. Anyway I’m sure you’re a busy man, even posthumously, so this is just a thanks for the gifts you left us, from me and island girl, as we were captivated in that theater tonight.

All the best,


Today’s Sounds: Ray Charles – Greatest Hits