5oclock whistlin

Sometimes stuff feels unique to Amsterdam, but it isn’t. Sometimes you gotta work on fridays, even though you’re the part-time king, and the co-workers invite you out for after-work drinks. Beers after work, probably international protocol, no? Still, it feels like no one does this like the dutch. I bet it starts earlier here, cause the white collared ones barely work on friday, and maybe lunch is barely over, but the pubs are spilling over across from Artis (the zoo).

So naturally when they ask me to go for a drink – I go. Somewhere in between podcasting and powerbook fundraising, I failed to notice what a cool crew I work with. Slowly but surely, the fishtank has put together a staff of international allstars. The pub conversation curiously and quickly zigzags between Dutch and English. Nobody flinches, cept for my brain that keeps thinking — note to self, blog about this phenom and these cool people. Sho-nuff, conversation got to podcasting and before you know it, 15 minutes worth of “what is podcasting good for” has spouted from out this mouth, and now there’s a debate if its good or bad for society. haha.. yeah.. we worry, cause fishtank employees help mold young minds and fix society’s ills.

I’m writing like shite today… distracted by the Fugazi, and the postcard from Northern Sweden. I’m going you know…. to that crazy phallus-shaped country… oh yes. I’m not only going ice-fishing with Marty McFly and SuperSofia, I’m also dogsledding north to visit my most favorite blogologista. ‘Parently her uni wants to listen to me talk podcasting… but nevermind that’s all next month.

So let’s play… cause like the midnight mailman says, blogs should be for fun and for learning, starting this weekend, I present an occasional series on the communiqu? called: “Who are the people in my blog-neighborhood.” Long title, I know. It means with each post I’ll take one blog from that column to the left, and talk about why I blogrolled them or what I like about that blog. Why? Cause they’re there, I put ?m there, and they deserve some explanation/credit.

Oh and weird coincidence, small world, Jamie from the Known Universe is talking about a friend that I also know from here in Amsterdam. Its like seperation degrees of Kevin Bacon sometimes.

Wow.. did I write all this crap?

Today’s Sounds: Fugazi – Endhits (recommended by Greg at VivaPodcast!)