WIld Packs of Bloggers

Ms. Thingk, who I once referred to as Kirsten Dunst’s twin, sends me emails. Lots of yummy delicious emails. I eat them for breakfast, sometimes an afternoon snack as well. While it sucks having to lose friends who move to D.C., it’s nice when my peeps in “your nations capital” send me thought-provoking words (D-Rock of course!).

So my darling dc intern has been asking for my 2 eurocents on the recent firing of that reporter dude who works for a republican funded rag, within the whitehouse press corps. She was especially interested in my blabber because he was out-ED by “liberal bloggers.”

Right away I cringe. As I was telling NoComunicado in the halls of the fishtank today, my intestines begin to liquify everytime I read, in some mass media outlet, about conservative bloggers doing this or liberal bloggers doing that. They make bloggers sound like packs of Alaskan huskies pulling sleds and eating raw meat.

Sure, it’s cool that bloggers are getting recognized. But I don’t subscribe, not even through RSS, to that whole “any publicity is good publicity” theory. As a seasoned blogger (lots of oregano and a dash of paprika) this isn’t how I wanted to see US get recognized. Like hoards of Boba Fetts, bounty hunting for the empire.

Perhaps na?vely, I hope to see bloggers become a recognized source of alternative media. Where Green Catfish or the StateImIn are just as respected as Maureen Dowd or that annoying but intelligent Paul “I grew a goatee” Krugman. I want to see the pedestals that have been built on artificial credibility, torn down, and replaced with the type of open-earned respect and loyalty system we bloggers work on. Sure it’s not SO different from the system op-eds work in, cept they get cozy offices and nice salaries. (where’s ours dammit!)

So anyway, bloggers got some crap journalist fired from the incestuous white house press corps? Too bad buddy… that’s what happens when you work with the executive whores in the west wing. Next time bring a stun gun and use it on the wild packs of liberal bloggers. Arf Arf.

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