To Burma

I had a mobile phone pow-wow with crazy Dr. M today, and he and his houseboat are likely to be involved in my next podcast. Incidentally, my world famooose Albert Cuyp SoundseeingTour, has now been downloaded over 1100 times, thanks inkernet!

I normally don’t love stuff that comes from Slate magazine. It’s not complete crap, it’s just not.. well…my thing. I’m much more into reading, oh.. ALternet or my bible that I start every morning with: Courrier International.

However today I noticed a decent piece with a good point about Burma. Or maybe you like calling it Myanmar. Unless you only watch television news, or live in a cave (apparently its hot real estate for the wealthy), you will, by now, have heard about the military junta that rules with a particularly shiny iron first. The article points out, as any rational world citizen could, that if the white house was serious about their spreading freedom and fighting tyranny thing, their next stop would be Burma, where apparently people would *cough cough* welcome them as heros.

Neither the article, nor I, are saying its something that should be done. It’s just another example of how much shit their foreign policy is filled with. Not that we didn’t already know.

And you think that’s bad… Rocky IV and Rocky V are on television tonight! Is there any wonder I’m completely and happily out of touch with Amsterdam night life.

Tomorrow: I See Dead Historical Figures Returns with Punk Legend JOE STRUMMER.

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