Perfect Mat?

This blog isn’t about describing what I ate for breakfast, or every little thing I did today. HOWEVER, when I feel like it, I share with you, fellow readers. And not more than an hour ago, I concocted the most delicious brew of yerba mat? in my life. The cause of such splendor? The herbs and yummy things that I purchased during this afternoons visit to the market with crazy dr. M. Check these ingredients out:

  • Bunch of mint leaves
  • A spoonfull of dried banana tea
  • Bit of a cinnamon stick
  • Sugar
  • Almost boiling water
  • Yerba Mat? from Rosamonte (Argentina)

The result? It’s raining outside but I’ve achieved nirvana while the clash sing about standing at the gates of the west.

If only I had made this formula last night for island girl. Back from her island, where she swims with dolphins, island girl is one of my oldest and most favorite acquaintances in Amsterdam. Rare is the opportunity to cook her a mighty veggie lasagne, share a bottle of white, and drink mat? like we’re chillin in Buenos Aires.

Sometimes I forget that before the madness of computers and the internets, which is such an insanely huge part of my existence now, there’s a whole ecosystem out there from which we can learn so much. In only a few hours island girl was breaking down the behavior of men and women according to the same behavior of animals in nature. For example… the desire to be the alpha male, and impress the female.. even if you already have a partner, there is still this desire to be the “top dog” and impress the femeninas. Seemed to me her work and the dolphins have helped her understand relationships in her own life, which is awesome because I sit around unable to make sense of my own behavior or that of others. Fuck computers, I’m convinced the answers to life are in the ocean.

Oh yeah, and then two awesome things happened:

First was told I’m feedster’s feed of the day! With a very kind email from Mike and more kindness on his feedster blog.
And then the midnight mailman, that genius of storytelling, inducted xtx and I into his Hall of Favorite People We’ve Never Even Met and wrote a story for us.


Today’s Sounds: Clash – Clash on Broadway