I see drugs

If I lean over all the fake trees and treasure chests, and look out some of the fishtank windows, I can see NoComunicado giving a presentation about Plan Colombia and the fake-ass war on drugs. They’re watching a documentary as well, I caught a bit of it, lot’s of Colombian farmers/families expressing their outrage at the shitty 900 dollars per year the government offers them to stop farming coca.

Whenever I get the chance I sit with NoComunicado and we shoot the shit. He’s doing the same Journalism for Elvis Impersonators Masters program that I did when I got to Amsterdam. He is a wise man, and lately has been telling me about the new bonus package US congress just approved for more guns and helicopters for the colombian government. Or as he reminds me… more money for American weapons manufacturers.

I got no love for the war or drugs. Anybody who does is ironically on crack. D-Rock is a professional in fighting to end this charade, but man, all these billions and all those guns, this shit will never end and every white house ruler for the past decades seems to have added to the mess.

Paris, demain! Anybody need anything from the city of lights? Dog poop in a bag perhaps? Half eaten baguette? I’m on it.

Shout out to Viva Podcast, the goods arrived in my postbox today! From New Mexico with love.

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