I hitchhiked here

I took a train… to a train… I started in PAris… and then I was in the middle of fields and dirt and ice.. and I thought to myself “keep walkin man…”

I kept thinking I would just find someone on the street.. and then I did. French lady was just standing there waiting for ther butcher shop to open. But he wasn’t… and so I told her “Je suis completement perdu.” And she thought it was funny.. and my feet/hands/nose/soul were freezing. And then she knocked on a window, and a guy handed her keys, and she drove me to this tiny town. She explained the history of this beautiful area, and she said she used to hitchhike, and so she wanted to help me, and one day I will drive someone as well. I told her I would, only on bike!

And here I sit. with the coolest family ever. LaVacheQuiLit aka MAdame L.. rocks. Oldest Daughter Rocks as well. And well.. everyone in this house… even the walls rock. Not much for choosing adjectives today, am I?

OK, now back to Paris and Ill work on the soundseeing. A plus.

Today’s Sounds: The sounds of the French countryside