Goodbye to my boys

Amsterdam life brings weeks like this. Weeks where some of your favorite people and closest friends sail away from unknown periods of time, to go where life takes them. At the international student drink the other night, I wished Toronto’s-finest-chef-in-exile a safe journey back to Ontario, where he will remain for the time being. Vowing, of course, to return to the Amsterdam ex-pat community which knows and loves him…. and his cooking.

And then there was last night… the final night of the inappropriate Brian is going to to New York City goodbye pub marathon. Which consists mostly of pretty ladies, funny Dutch guys, and caf? Cuba.. which should be famous for its tall-ass dutch dudes. This coming from an average tall brotha.

I digress, the inappropriate one is leaving again, and he shall return ever six months, yet still it’s sad. Who else is going to remind me about going out partying, meet the lovely ladies, and recite Eddy Izzard with me? Alas.. thus is Amsterdam life… brothas and sistas come and go, regardless if they’re dutch or just inappropriate. Travel safe my friend… say hi to the tri-state area for me.

The Red-Lightcast… aka.. Red Light Sound Seeing tour is about to begin, as soon as I put my coat and headset on. Hopefully I get offered cocaine and extasy, cause that’s always fun to hear. And maybe a prostitute hanging outside her door will call me baby or honey… I love that too. Is this a good time to say, if she’s reading, “Hi mom”.

Oh.. and I had hot choco with these dude excellent gentlemen bloggers, one of which is yet-another cool expat in Amsterdam. Mr. Waking up in Amsterdam and the Trend Junkie, direct from Baltimore. Our conversations have only just begun, but if you had to drink every time we said blogging or podcasting, you’d be getting your stomach pumped right now.

Today’s Sounds: The Specials – Selftitled.