EU Urbanites

I could, of course, bla bla bla for days about my trip to Paris. But really I think the weekend post and podcast give you some idea of what it was like. A wonderful mix of old friends, new friends, and adventure.

Paris itself, as you may have heard, is damn expensive. It’s no New York City, but it seems to take after la grande pomme; a super rich rot-your-teeth cup of hot cocoa will taste fantastically delicious, but it will also cost you a good 6 euros. (whats that.. 8 USdollars these days?) But hey, that’s what some hip and beloved cities are for.

Interesting as well are the young people, the 20 something internationals that are a intrical part of the parisien social fabric. Many of which are my friends, it’s quite exciting to be around these young and open-minded professionals who are making their lives in this city, whether it be for a few years or for life. I suppose every city, throughout history, has had these types of go-getters who migrate somewhere for a reason… a mission. Hell, I suspect you reading this might be or will be one of them. (or us) It’s just double fun to see it in Europe, where we have the traditionally well defined language and cultural differences.

Shakespeare and his girlfriend (sorry I have no nickname for her, yet.) have been residents for a few years now, almost like old pros, I bet they would say. And then BlueBerry Girl (pictured) has been in paris for the past 4 months, since leaving lil ol’ me and all her fans, in Amsterdam. She really seems to love or be falling in love with the city already, which makes it all the more cool to learn cool spots and facts from her. She helps handle the world’s bank money, which seems to be such a important and difference-making gig, compared to say — me a fishtank guardian. Someday I should probably work at fixing the world too, I could even podcast while I do it!

So as per request, in email and in person, tomorrow I shall include in my post, a step-by-step of how I podcast. Shit, I feel like I’m giving away grandma’s family recipe for oatmeal cookies. Ah well.. you guys deserve good cookies.

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