Ernesto my friend

Finally sat down and watched the motorcycle diaries. This won’t be much of a movie review, because I wanted to love it so much that I did indeed love it.

The critics and my dear scholarly masseuse, who let me borrow the dvd, all say it’s a weak film. It’s “too pretty” and “lacking in substance” they say. But you see, I believe this film was made for me. I don’t love Ch?, but I absolutely love Ernesto Guevara de la Serna. I have read his diary, his writing, and what others have written about him. Over and Over. I eat it for dinner… I actually believe (im dillusional) I understand his feelings and thoughts. I even imagine the parallels in my own life.

You see Ernesto wasn’t much of a worker. He was a curious one… a passionate one. He was so polite and so caring for complete strangers… that’s how I often feel.

The film does make it all beautiful, and it tries a little to hard to make him seem like a soon-to-be revolutionary, but it also depicts the sadness and the sense of frustration that common people no doubt felt towards the conditions they lived in. I found myself absolutely fascinated when he and Grenado enter the heart of South America, Cuzco. The deep respect for the Incas and the longing for the return of that civilization that kept such a strong quality of life.

It’s hard to talk about Ernesto because of the pop culture. It’s hard to talk about Ch? because of all the nonsense and pre-judging. But fuck that, my concern isn’t for tshirts or a symbolic icon, my interest lies in the story of a guy I can relate to. Who wanted to see the world, and alleviate the most basic injustices. Who cared more about others than himself.

Maybe later he become obsessed and self-absorbed. Maybe he lost some of that curiosity and compassion. I suppose life is funny that way, the way it can change you over time. The most peaceful and open-minded youth can become a vengeful hatemonger in his old age. But that’s not how I see Ernesto… for me he died long before that CIA trained firing squad, but he kept that dedication to strangers til the very end.. which I admire greatly.

Bad movie? Not for me. Fucking great movie. Plus the music is sweet and they drink lots of mat?, just as I do. Hopefully I will take that same journey someday, minus the motorcycle.

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Today’s Sounds: Coheed & Cambria – Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth