Detain This

If I were a recently released, after 3 years of detainment, Australian Guantanamo prisoner, here what I would do:

  1. -Go home and smother my wife and kids in hugs and kisses. Cry when I see how much my 4 year old daughter has grown since I’ve been trapped in a cage all this time.
  2. -Walk, run, swim… as far as my body will allow before exhaustion, because my world has for so long been made up of this few sq. meters. Behind razor-wire fencing that doesn’t allow you to see the landscape outside.
  3. -Call up the fanciest and most infamous law firms in the US, Europe, and Australia, and tell them to get ready for some action.
  4. – File a suit against the US federal government, and while you’re at it maybe that specific branch of military, for human rights violation, holding a prisoner without charge (suspicion of terrorism is not a real charge), prisoner abuse, and if there’s anything on the books about racial profiling, THROW THAT IN.
  5. – File similar suits with the European Court of Justice and ICC against NATO and whatever that mission is called in Afghanistan.
  6. – In Australia, take PM John Howard’s government to court for failing to protect or come to the aid of a national citizen abroad.
  7. – Appear on every possible TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper media outlet, telling every detail of my detainment… right down to the smell of my cell and what the prison guards would do to try and get me to confess to things that I had nothing to do with.
  8. – Start my own blog and podcast, of course.
  9. – Write a book… many books, and become the next Nelson Mandela… making all human rights causes my own.. and being the first on the scene whenever any government is conducting any crimes against humanity.
  10. – Get my own television show… just for kicks and extra money for my kids higher education.
  11. – If my family agrees to the social side-effects, run for office in Australia, and unseat the PM who has just been shamed into resigning by his recent indictment.
  12. – Keep a long beard and wear my traditional clothing, be an outspoken muslim, cause they fucking hate that.

I could think of more… but those things would keep me busy enough. Oh and let me not forget to curse out, every chance I get, every politician who didn’t speak out against my incarseration.

Unrelated, but also frustrating news — Torontonienne’s camera broke! Thats no good.

Today’s Sounds: Lali Puna – Tricoder