Damn the Man

People blog for so many reasons… we’ve all heard them: to air their frustrations, to improve their writing, to be themselves or NOT themselves, to be anonymous, to talk about the exploits of yesterday evening, or (my least favorite) what they ate for breakfast. Those are probably 1/10 of the reasons that are out there.

The case is similar for podcasting. (yes im talking about it again)Especially when you consider a handfull of companies control the radio (regardless of what country you’re in) many if us grew up with it – the neutered, fake-ass, choiceless, unrepresentative radio. I consider podcasting an answer to this problem. (I know sat. radio too, but its still corporate) For those with the knowledge or the will, it creates a method to be your own radio, to transmit your message to the world, free of all the bullshit that so much of our other media is bogged down with.

Why am I preachy today, you wonder? Mostly because of this recent announcement by ASCAP.. scuse me.. ASS-CAP, that there is a license podcasters can buy so that they’re not violating the playing rights and bla bla bla. 280bucks a year for a license to podcast using their artists. Some podcasters, like the godfather of pod, are already saying they’ll buy it. But I can’t believe my fucking ears… this isn’t cause for celebration… this is the MAN at it again.. with their stupid licenses and heavyhanded control measures.

And so ASS-CAPers… all I have to say.. as a world-citizen, musician, blogger, podcaster, and mediocre scholar… is take your license and shove it up your ASScap. I podcast because I love the FREEDOM (now I sound like w)… to say what I want to say, play what I want to play! Lisa & Greg at VivaPodcast were saying it the other day: they play the music they love. Why should that be wrong? I don’t care what laws they pass in what country, I will not accept that my playing a group that I love on my podcast is somehow a crime. NO. Instead.. its a tribute.. my way of honoring great musicians and saying to all of you: look at these artists, they might just effect you in some great way the way they effect me. Try them out. If you’re so included.. support them by seeing a show, purchase a CD. OR NOT. Your choice.

license? MY fellow blog readers and podcasters – WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING LICENSE.

Today’s Sounds: Radio Clash’s Long-ass electronic edition podcast.