Maybe in all my recent fame, I got sloppy. Maybe I’m just secretly a really awful person and I blog to look nicer then I really am. Maybe sometimes you roll the dice, and you lose. Whatever the reason, I wanted to come clean about this one, dear readers, I got my ass handed to me today. I got busted. Snuck. Outed. Shaq-ed. Ratted out and generally messed up by my own words.

Basically I chose to tell a story the other day and maybe it was too close to real and definitely hostile towards someone. And I somehow figured that person wouldn’t read it… you know? I rolled the dice. Figured the internets are so big, and life is so random, that it won’t reach the wrong person. And it did. As I was telling the Deconstructionist today, I started writing like an anonymous blogger, when I’m anything but anonymous. Anyone done a google search for bicyclemark? Dam I leave a paper trail like it’s TP stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

So in the midst of being stunned. I used that awful but classic line — I’m sorry you read it. Seems odd eh? But it’s the truth. This is NOT a public space. It’s a blog, and it is controlled by the blog owner… and YES the public can access it. In other words, a public park is just that.. public, but my living room, though I may leave the windows and doors open and invite anyone in, is still ultimately my living room. Then again if I start mooning the neighborhood and insulting everyone, I will have to deal with being socially shunned.

Then I started re-reading about blog ethics, which is a lofty and very journalistic ideas. I look at them and I think, oooh.. thats cute… now we bloggers should go forth and break every ethical rule we want to…. at our own peril, as I was reminded today. For my part, I just think to myself, what would Hunter S. do?

podcast out within the next 24hrs, depending when I fall asleep at the controls.

Today’s Sounds: My own raw audio from this evening.