Beers and Work

Giving another speech tomorrow, to some new fish, hope I manage to say something funny.

I know I have a good job when it’s 4h30 in the afternoon and I’m drinkin Surinamese beer and eating fine food.. AT WORK. Yeah. It happens… often in fact, and it’s sweet. I know blogging about work is a no-no, but what bad is there to say when you’ve got such a perfectly pleasant work environment where everyone enjoys good food and drinkage on the job… occasionally.

If I did ever return to the US for living purposes, it would take quite a force to drag me back. But one thing that could do it…. a job offer from Seymour Hersh to work as his assistant. The man is my hero… or has become my hero in the last 4 years. His intelligence, his thoroughness, and his flat-out-honesty never stop impressing me. I’ll always be a journalist at heart, but when I read the puke in the times, or other mass market rags, I think to myself “Nahhh.. noway, I’m not doin that.” But Mr. Hersh represents what journalism should be; concerned with the well being of people, extremely detailed, critical, and willing to risk it all. That’s where I’d want to be as a journalist, instead of the neutered, info-tainment that we’re bombarded with at every turn.

So if you’re out there reading Sy and you could use a guy like me, I may be in the NL, but I’d stop the world to walk in your shadow brotha. Drop me a line.

I got into the CambridgePodcast yesterday, great independent tunes with a posh british attitude – love it.

And then there’s the BBC blogger who died… I was reading his archives all night.

Today’s Sounds: Pedro the Lion – Hard to Find a Friend (select tracks I grabbed)