AudioCommuniqu? 15: From Paris with Love

Dam its hard to find WIFI in Paris! Especially when you’re busy meeting with such wonderful people, eating fine food, and drinking the most heavenly hot choco in the world. Le weekend in Paris will require more then a podcast to explain, but this one is a start; it’s basically a chronological collection of audio I made during my journey. Photos must wait til Tuesday.. then my flickr will be renewed for the month.
Thanks to Madame L and Oldest daughter, who’s voices appear for a brief instance. Oh and I guess thanks to the people in the van who I recorded without permission…. haha.

AudioCommuniqu? #15 (mp3)

20min 23sec, 64kbps, 9.5Mb


  • Sounds from the Van ride
  • Some random French radio sounds and music
  • TV on the Radio
  • Me lost, me found again, me keeping quiet while my hosts are sleeping.