AudioCommuniqu? #11: Soundseeing in the Jordaan

If there could be such a thing as too many soundseeing tours, I will probably be accused of that soon. But fear not… starting next week I’m doing something new involving the telephono (no skype for me thanks). In the meantime I suffered the wind, rain, and wrath of the weather gods, in order to bring you this soundseeing tour of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood. You’ll here lots about churches, Anne Frank, Tourists, and people on bicycles. Of course, Flickr photoshow which starts with Jordaan Soundseeing #1 is available for you to follow along. Enjoy!

AudioCommuniqu? #11 (mp3)

64kbps, 18min+, 8.6mb


  • The Specials.. my favorite opening band
  • ME… wandering round amongst the tourists.