Another Letter to A-Ren

Dear A-Ren,

Hey buddy. I just got all these great photos of you, doing so many cool new things such as: eating an apple, CRAWLING, and often resembling Stuey from the Family Guy, with your schemes of world domination. So this letter on the blog, is my way of letting you know how proud I am and how much fun you are to watch, even from across the ocean.

The way I see it, years from now, you’ll be digging through blog archives and reading these words. You’ll be walking on two legs and eating like us cave-people, with forks, spoons, and all that. I figure you’ll wonder what the hell is up with your uncle bicyclemark, and how come he has to live so far. You’ll probably also be doing something far cooler but related to blogging or podcasting or whatever it is you kids are up to these days. So my little blog/podcast will look like the model-T of internet publishing. Which will make you giggle in that, oh thats cute, kind of way.

So this is uncle bm’s way of saying, I’m watching buddy, and I’m enjoying the ride that is your first year of life. I may be far, but I ain’t far, you know what I’m sayin? Plus, I will be soooo ready for you to come see me. That means not only coolest Amsterdam bike a jersey child has ever had, but lots of Stroopwaffles, Australian Ice Cream, and all the junkfood I normally stay away from, that this city has to offer. You’ll be speakin Dutch in no time, and you can go back to Jersey and communicate with all those undercover Dutch kids.. cause trust me.. they’re there. On the way back, we can make a stopover in Portugal and visit the family and friends. You’re a total celebrity there, so bring a pen to sign autographs.

Anyway buddy… i loves you lots and miss you. Be sure to spit lots of food on your dad, throw everything on the floor, and slap the television anytime Ben Stein comes on. Cause as we both know, he may sound cute, but the truth is he’s a closeminded neo-con… and we’ve had just about enough of that eh?

Your one and only uncle,

a bit of background for the newcomers: A-Ren is my nephew, now 9 months old, living in New Jersey.


And now for a blog from down under.

Oh- guess who won the vivapodcast show-story telling contest? You’ll have to tune in to hear about it.. it involves me and G.Love.

Today’s Sounds: Ani DiFranco – Evolve