Angola, my girlfriend

I love getting home at 1am and changing the date and time of my blog so that it still takes place yesterday. Apparently I’ve got an obsession with being a daily blogger… even if its only a matter of hours.

So besides a very uncharacteristically long work afternoon, what kept me from getting to the blog until now was none other then mr Waldemar Bastos, my good friend, who performed tonight at the melkweg. Matter of fact.. the Rum he gave me seems to be triggering more spelling mistakes then normal. (spell check to my rescue perhaps) So yes… Cinema gal accompanied me to the show where BigJim also showed up, to enjoy an Angolan singer who they’ve heard me speak so highly of. Whenever sometime mentions him, I’m like a little show off, always adding “he’s my friend.. I’m a friend of the family!” like this tidbit of information will let me into the cool crowd. Hell maybe it will get me laid. (nope) Hmm.. I wonder if the Havana Club is talking. MR Havana are you there?

Mr. Rum says:

You bet buddy. Good concert tonight! I was just sitting around backstage waiting for Waldemar to come drink me with the band.. and then you show up. Three years I had to wait for this night, but at least now I get in a blog. Plus yours gets tons of hits lately, probably cause of that damn podcast I keep hearing about. Like crack for the ears they say. Anyway, seemed to me Waldemar was really glad to see you, man… there was so much hugging going on in the green room, it’s like you’re all either family or lovers.

— It’s beyond that Mr Havana… there’s a great bond between me and that man and his band. Unbelievable that we met back in 1998 at the Knitting Factory in NYC, and have now known each other in three different countries in the span of 6 years. Waldemar said it himself tonight (in portuguese of course) “I’ve stopped trying to explain the coincidences in life. What cannot be explained mathematically… I just don’t try. I can only tell you, life is a mystery.” (stop thinking of madonna, it was a heartfelt moment)

Time to stop, plus I’ve got a podcast to do… if I’m sober enough.

Shout out to VC in the 21 century, who’s blog I bombard with comments. And lest we not forget it was recently fencepost’s anniversaire.

Today’s Sounds: Kings of Convenience – Riot on an Empty Street