Unexpected Awesome

Italian girls sit outside the fishtank. I can hear them. I love it. I can understand Italian, but I don’t think you really need to- in order to love these classic beauties and the sounds they bounce around the room. Back in NJ University days, Me and E used to talk about the ladies, and there was a certain type of girl we’d sometimes meet in our day-to-day that we loved. As roommates we’d gossip about the day, and occasionally he’d say “I met one today bm! She was amazing.” And I’d answer knowingly, jealous of his encounter: “A classic-Italian beauty?” Beaming.. he’d shout “LIKE A PAINTING!”.. even though we were sitting across from each other. Sometimes he’d go on about it: “Nothing to do with this bullshit on TV… or in magazines.. no man… like one of those Italian paintings will those gorgeous voluptuous beings.”

E was a wise man. And listening to actual Italian beauties chatting just over there from where Im sitting… I might have to tell them I’m in love with both of them. According to my sources, if they’re from Napoli they will pick me and carry me home to have their way with me. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

I absolutely did not expect to see Finding Neverland last night. I knew nothing about it. I don’t read entertainment news and I seldom read movie reviews. I did remember that my friend theStateImin-Brian mentioned it way back, but I didn’t really understand his love for it at the time. But good god.. I was floored. I was sweating in my seat, probably much to the discomfort of my date. Not out of fear.. just pure emotion. Crying would not be enough for the film… I just wanted to disappear or I dunno… go to NEVERLAND. The following thoughts flowed through my brain:

    – I hate the fact that I’m so often a serious adult.

    – Why the F can’t I fly.

    – I need to hang out more with children.

    – Amsterdam doesn’t have enough kids… I need to make some.

    – Dam this couple to my right is gettin it on.

I’m due at the Torontienne’s for dinner. But not before I mention, because the Midnight Mailman said to tell my friends, he’s got an all new video for us.

Today’s Sounds: Sounds of the Fishtank – mostly keyboard strokes and italian girlies.