Trade Secret

Another school of fish graduated from the tank today. No longer will they float around asking me computer questions, they will swim away and travel the world helping people in refugee camps and other desperate places. The highlight of the ceremony, amongst other things, was the professor who looks like Louis Black! I kept daydreaming of him, in the middle of his speech, going “B-B-B-B-Basically we’re all fucked!” Ooh.. and that just causes a whole other daydream, what if Louis Black was a prof? Obviously he would teach politics… or anger management.

But I wanted to let you in a secret, and I place myself in great danger with the very secret society known as single expats. There was a long chat between an Israeli graduate and I, about her going home, and how strange it is to have to interact with all her friends who are there and have their jobs, and their house, and have gotten married. I quickly agreed, cause I often feel the same whenever I head to PT (portugal) or NJ (jersey). While it can be a joy to see the married the friends, it’s often a very odd meeting as well, since the choices they have made are so foreign to me.

Anyway, here comes the very shallow and evil secret. I had better whisper it, because they’re out there reading, and I don’t want to lose my good standing. We single expats, when we’re talking in private, just us, we talk about marrying and having a house, etc… like it’s the fucking plague! No.. I’m serious. We sit around sipping wine, listening to complex jazz tunes, and pondering the protestant reformation, and we poo-poo all “those” friends who chose the opposite from us. — What a bunch of bastards we are, eh? Oh sure… now they’re gonna come out against me, denying it. But I’m telling you… I’ve been to the meetings.. I’m one of them… and we do this.

Which leaves me wondering. A — What the hell right do we have to be such arrogant bitches? B — Are the married/house owning crew having tupperware parties and talking about us like we’re wackos? C — Am I gonna get beat-up in a dark allyway by a bunch of highly independent expats tonight?

Anyway. Please don’t hate me or us. Well.. do it in private if you can, behind our backs like we do it to you. And when we reneg on such criticisms and settle down… this was just a phase, such blog posts never happenned.

Time to go read what Morgan Spurlock says about being nominated for an Oscar, and then see the latest New Media Musings from JD.

Today’s Sounds: LAke Trout – I forget the album.. very acid jazz.