The Stars at Night

*clap-clap-clap-clap* Deep in the heaaaaaart of Texas.

I ain’t never been to texas, and I’m aware that some of my readers are located there (howdy)but I admit I’m fretting my dinner with a group of young University youngins from some prominent school in that state. They’ve been on a study-visit to the u of amsterdam and this here fishtank of mine. I got a heads up that they had never before left the country and were potentially quite conservative, so I tried to tread lightly and let them figure out the world for themselves during their time out here. Last thing they need is a heathen like me telling them whats up. I must admit I was really shocked when they almost unanimously stated they had voted for GWB. The truth is, you just never run into such a large group of “them” in this town. (note my new stereotype.. you’re either with us or against “them” )

But tonight I’m slated to be at dinner with them; free food and some good potential conversation, healthy debate is good too. RocknRoll Aim will be there will me, I’ve renamed her that bytheway. Together we’ve promised ourselves to embrace the impending conversations about legislating morality and the rule of gawd, which apparently has been all the rage during their visit.

Its probably better to go to dinner with what’s left of my open mind, so I’ll stop talkin smack now. Besides, i already found my ice-breaker, the whole lot seems interested in Fantasy Basketball, and I can just keep joking about my crap team in the busblog league. I’m currently in dead last, if you’re curious. Long story and a boring one, but basically my puerto rican wonder is getting traded and my philly hero is walking wounded. Wow, I sound like a guy.

I listened to so many podcasts in the last 24 hours, putting in extra time in the ‘tank. One of the neatest was Contentious, who podcasted from a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. You get to hear the sounds of her cabin, including her putting another log on the fire, and her plans to grow old in a rocking chair with a shotgun in her lap; in case the gubment comes around. I’m recognizing my favorite uses for podcasting (audioblogging) hearing sounds of places I’ve never been or just simply am curious about. Trouble is, where the hell do I get a cheap hosting plan with lots of space for mp3’s – Liberated Syn?

ps- I brought the Beef yesterday, and as a vegetarian, I think I did a good job.

Today’s Sounds: Tracks up a Tree Podcast, latest podcast.