The emperor Wears A Thong

Today begins my newfound fame, I suppose. Seriously, podcasting has done wonders to my readership, look for yourself. And here I thought putting my voice out there would scare the crap out of y’all, and readership would plummet, along with my blogshare value. (i have an overpriced blog stock apparently)

One of the coolest side-effects of my sunday podcasts has been the email. Many of you have said such nice things you make me blush. And then there were emails from other podcasters who found me on the net, even one from Amsterdam. Obviously this thing is sweeping the internet as one of the biggest new pass-times.

The Radiohumper and I were having an email discussion about public blogging versus anonymous, which is a discussion many of you have had with me… or maybe with yourself. (especially you schizophrenics!) That burning question as I write my thoughts – “Shall I reveal my secret identity?” And your eternal wonder “Who is this person really?” I think this will be a typical blog wonder for many years to come, especially as the mainstream wakes up and recognizes that this ain’t no trend and we’re here to stay.

So should you blog as yourself? Should you blog anonymously. Besides being annoying to spell… being an anony blogger has its perks. You can say fuck alot, and your mom won’t get mad. You can talk about affairs, and your partner won’t know. You can call you boss a fuckhead, and you won’t get called into fuckhead’s office the next day. You can discuss any topic, no matter how disgusting or tasteless.. like poo… and it will never be known WHO actually wrote it. — Pretty tempting ain’t it? Plus if you get big, you get to be like Bruce Wayne and mysteriously disappear whenever the joker crashes a party, having retreated to the BATBLOG.

For my part I try to blog 95% real. All characters on my blog are real, even the dead ones I pretend to interview, as is my life… as far as I know. Even if it seems like the twilight zone for me, as a open and public blogger, you can read this and know alot of my story. My hopes, concerns, pet-peaves, fettishes, and obvious character faults are all laid out on your 32-bit true color display. Last night in an email, the Verbal Chameleon commented that I would do well with a girlfriend who blogs, as we would get-on quite well. I can’t help but think — wow.. just by reading my blog for the past months, she knows quite alot about me. And by me, I don’t mean bicyclemark… but the mark behind the name. Then again I was once told that via my blog I sound like some kind of partying gigolo. Which sounds cool! — but oh so not the truth.

And so you see, I have no good conclusion for you.

Just cause you blog anonymously doesn’t mean your true self isn’t revealed. But it probably means you won’t be hated in real life, so long as you’ve got an Alfred as your butler who can iron your uniform and dust the blogcave.

And even when you blog as yourself, you may not come across as yourself. Either that or I’m a party-boy and a whore.

Today’s Sounds: Colin Hay – Peaks and Valleys