Saturday Contacts

Saturdays are all about very little. Saturday nights are key for jogging through the heart of Amsterdam and taking a euro count. In one 8K run you get to pass posh couples eating 100 euro dinners, prostitutes serving up 50 euro lovin, tourists toting 5 euro maps, and let me not forget the guy who still tried to jog along and sell me X, for I forget how many euros. I guess it’s a typical front when you want to buy your coke, dress in a jogging suit and sweat alot.

Remember when I used to talk about Blondebutbright? There’s a name from the recent past that seemed to disappear from my daily musings. BBB and I went through a low-communicado period, a whole series of misunderstandings, which I know happens to friends sometimes, but has been bothering me for months. If you remember when I used to speak of her, then you know that I adore and admire her. We used to spend so much time talking blogs and life, which eventually led to the birth of her bloggy, which is doing fine btw. And so I finally spoke to her online yesterday, came out and apologized for my radio silence in the last month. We made vague plans to see each other soon, and I’m hoping that soon, everything will be back to normal between us, cause I miss my great friend BBB.

While I’m taking Saturday-Amsterdam-friend inventory, McManus (new blogger alert) took me and his girl to see the AVIATOR. When we first sat down in the theater, he was between us and he exclaims “its like a double date!.” At which time I looked to my right in search of MY date, all I found was a mom and her teenage daughter, gasping at the mint commercial where the guys nipples get all long and hard. (gotta love Europa’s passion for the nipple) OH.. and the movie: bah.. its pretty good. Just be sure and bring a pillow, toothbrush, and full dinner, cause it’s like a million hours long. That and specific attention should be paid to the whole “corrupt congress making deals with corporations” thing, cause times have certainly NOT changed.


Today’s Sounds: Viva La Podcast, live from New Mexico