I had THE STARS blasting on my landlord’s stereo system gizmo, the homemade pizza with extra fresh pepper and eggplant was in the oven, standing in the hallway in shorts and a tshirt, playing darts like a true amsterdamer, and after hitting double twenty twice, I thought to myself “Dam, these are good times.”

Cause we look back don’t we? We think about times, in the past, when we were somewhere or doing something and were pretty close to blissfully happy.. and we think DAM – that was as good as it gets. I wish I could go back to THAT point. Especially when, well, adult life gets monotonous or boring or saddening or.. well, all of that.

And I’m not tryin to show anyone up or gloat, but I have to share… it feels GOOD. I love this town more than any town I’ve ever loved before, and believe me, I’ve loved many. Don’t tell my baby Lisbon, my darling Marseille, or even my old friend NYC… those old gals would kill me if they knew I’m in bed with another.

I’ll drop this little love note now, but one thing I wanted to add before i end it, is that it’s sweet – cause it ain’t temporary. I don’t have to RETURN HOME or hand in my papers and say goodnight sweetheart. Nope. This is my life… not just a phase or a “thing” .. MY three-ring circus and I’m diggin it.

After having said all that, I feel like I should share something warm and fun with you, so from the world of social software, and via that most excellent edu-blog Weblogg-ed.. I present to you: 43 Things. If you use Flickr for photos (and you should get into Flickr cause it rocks in other ways than Buzznet)… it looks even nicer. But nevermind that… 43 things is a list of things you want to do in life. And it uses tags to show you who else wants to do them and why. Have fun.. write crazy insane gibberish, and see who’s just as looney.

Today’s Sounds: Off the Wall (yesterdays show) on WBAI NYC