Podcast #2

Some would say I wasted my sunday afternoon editing, splicing, and mixing…. and then I started working on my podcast. (studio audience laughs)I’m going to be going over my blog design with a fine-tooth comb tomorrow, with help from A LIST APART, so be prepared for some changes. Change is good.. so don’t worry.

I’ve noticed a number of things about my podcasting ways:

    1 – Im boring.

    2 – Some of us are bloggers and some of us are podcasters, but I intend to try to be both.

    3 – This shit could be fun.

So I’ll beam it out to all of you, via my new host Liberated Syndication. (which costs 5 bucks a month.. so if some of you could donate a buck, put it in my paypal tip jar, thanks!)

This podcast includes music by Waldemar Bastos, FrouFrou, and Coheed&Cambria.

Bicyclemark’s AudioCommuniqu? #2 (mp3)

64kbps 14min 15sec long

Soon Ill start including linar notes.