Packing with A-Ren

My nephew A-Ren is in charge of packing my bags, as I’m off to the ‘dam via Lisbon in a few hours. He’s taking extra care that each item goes in his mouth, which I’m convinced is his personal x-ray machine, to ensure my safety before packing. He’s also been extra generous by giving me extra drool on my shirt… for the road. Once the my hip new pilot’s bag is closed, le petit prince will be sure to bang both hands against it and drum me the latest beat from the Portuguese-American toddler underground scene.

In the background we listen to the next Attourney General on the radio, getting his anus licked by the US’s poor excuse for a congress. These wealthy senior citizens sound like mini versions of W Bush….. they talk like him.. they use his broken sentences and his pseudo-words. The only highlight has been that Biden guy, who at once point said “I love you guy… but you haven’t answered any questions today.” At least he’s honest about what an ass-kissing session this really is. Who the hell are these robots?

Barbara Boxer rocks the house. Literally. Not only does she have a cool name when you’re in the business of fighting the bastards, but she stands as the only person willing to say some ill shit went on in Ohio. You kalipornians are pretty lucky to have her… compared to what the rest of us get.

Ugh.. if I have to hear one more time about how “we live in the greatest democracy in the world” … it almost seems like they’re trying to convince themselves… just keep repeating it.

So I’m leavin… on a jetplane.. don’t know when I’ll be back again. I did want to hand out some thank you’s: Vegan Mike, Davey Darko, Cathy VanGogh, Syles, and Kenshu, who made my last night in New Jersey a nice one.

Pays-Bas… I’m comin home!

Today’s Sounds: Barbara Boxer’s Testimony on WBAI NYC