Oh the bright future

I get brilliant ideas in the shower.. if only I had a pen and paper that would work in those conditions. Yesterday’s podcast generated so much great feedback, even folks who don’t normally read the blog came to hear it. (speakin of which.. if you haven’t heard it, just scroll down) I’m hoping that one of the next shows will be a BOAT-CAST or a CANAL-Cast, as Big Jim has been emailing me, and proposed we round up some cocktails, bundle up, and go out on his boat. So you can imagine what will happen if I just bring my Madonna Mic along, it’ll be like hangin out with operators who are always standing by.

Many of you have now heard me talkin about podcasts, but I worry that you don’t know the tools that are out there for you. See, some of you come to my blog whenever you get the chance and try to keep up with my verbal-abortion marathon. But in fact, if you would just register with bloglines and plug in (where it says add feed) my feed address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BicyclemarksCommunique , you would then get all my new posts as they come out, and never have to remember to come visit me. Even the new podcasts would show up there. If you love reading news from the BBC or Village Voice, or your favorite livejournal… all of those can be plugged in there as well. It’s called Really Simple Syndication for a reason… and I find myself getting frustrated with people who spend so much time on the internet yet have a sudden mental block when I say the words RSS.

My mom was on the phone with me for our daily Saturday chat… and she starts laughing it up. She says “At work.. I tell people about podcasts and weblogs and they look at me like they have no idea what these words are or why I know these things. You keep me on the cutting edge of technology son.” Right on momma, represent all the moms out there who don’t freak at the first sign of something new.

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Today’s Sounds: Seu Jorge – Songs off the Life Aquatic Soundtrack (thanks marty mcfly)