New but not happy

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve spent the last 4 new years eves in the most random of spots, and often feeling completely alien and out of place. At times it was laughable and other times it was depressing. Last night falls somewhere in between.

When I moved my life in 2001, to Portugal, New Years was spent with my darling cousin N on the beaches of S?o Martinho. You could hear the countdown echoed through the night air, and we were each armed with a bottle of champaign to shake and pop. We also ate raisins… as per the Portuguese tradition, one for each wish (or something like that.. I always forget) Then they did some nightswimming (which deserves a quiet night).

Little did I know then, that one year later, I would be somewhere -lost- in Flatbush, Brooklyn.. having just visited a Dutch gal I had a crush on who was also in NYC for new years, I was on my way to see Mr. David the Worldchanger. I could hear the echoes from Manhattan, as it must have been midnight… but all I could think was — this is symbolic.. I don’t know where I am in life, or at the start of the new year.

Last year was yet another unplanned adventure, as leah8 and I abandoned the portuguese community center and headed to a punk-new year party in New Brunswick, NJ. Oddly enough a few people recognized me from the band days, stopping me and saying “Yo… you were in OCG man.. that was awesome!” To which I just said, thanks, and went on sipping my pbl.

Which brings us to last night. Once again abandoning the community center after having played with the grandparents for a few hours and eating the fair share. The party was at Cathy Van Gogh’s caf?.. supposedly only for friends. Turns out these “friends” were my least favorite people from highschool… mafia types who got extremely fat in the last few years. Found myself wishing I was back in Amsterdam, and promising that next year I’d spend this shit with people I actually like.

Fortunately I escaped in Styles’s VW, and we sped down the highway, dodging drunk drivers, to do something very NEW JERSEY… we hit up a diner for some eats. I ordered all the stuff I love and can’t really get in the ‘dam. A bagel and a chocolate milkshake. Man… I felt like I was Kevin Arnold and we were in the wonder years. Styles misses me… he doesn’t have to say it… he conveys it in his tone. I miss my old roommate too… we’ve got a bond that runs deep… no matter how far away I live or how much time passes.

And so, while the new year starts dark in Argentina and throughout Southeast Asia… to name a few… there’s always a bit of hope. For starters, looks like all is settled in Kiev. Its not much.. but at least its not violence.

Plus… I’m lovin Kalipornia.

Happy New Year friends.

Today’s Sounds: Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Live from the middle east