My Brainpan

I was told yesterday by my darling in Portland that my brainpan is full. Not quite full… but definitely spilling everywhere.

I was going on and on about weblogging, photoblogging, and podcasting as rebellious communication, which it is. In different forms. I get so bored whenever I hear someone dismissing what we who publish any type of media on the internet do, as shallow or marginal. Over four million of us, and that’s not including the readers, and somehow we’re all teenagers talking about who fucked who? PLease. We do much more than that, and moreover, whatever it is we write about – even the teen stories, we are indeed rebels. Because what we’re are doing, to some degree, is saying no to the traditional powers. We don’t need your magazine to publish an article. We won’t go crazy to get a spot on your radiostation (traditional or cable)in order to reach a mass audience. And we don’t need a gallery or some fancy pants publication to recognize us as photographers. We are photographers if we want to be.

One of my toubles with doing research into these ideas, is that so-called experts(usually the older tenured kind who know fuck-all about this stuff) will point and say “oh that bicyclemark, he’s nothing but an advocate… with all his cheering and ra-ra, his arguements are tainted. So be it. Tainted love baby.

The hardest thing is that I want to connect all this fun and sharing of experiences/information to greater world problems. YES – Promoting World Peace Thru Internet Publishing and Social Software. Shhh… I know it’s getting a bit past the basic needs that aren’t being met.

Look at this video and the story that goes with it. Just another example of how dirty-grey this Iraq occupation is. How can you put up a banner that says “we support our troops” when you see the business they’re in. Not one fucntioning building left in Fallujah. In order to save the country.. they have to destroy it. In order to bring freedom they have to restrict everything. In order to bring peace, they make war. 1984.. 2005.. doesn’t matter. Except that the world should know better by now.

Oh I know. You’ve got family or friends there. Me too. But I won’t support their work. Just because your pop works in a missile factory doesn’t mean you gotta support the concept of launching missiles at anyone.

Today’s Sounds: Death Cab – Transatlanticism