Growing Pains Without Mike Seaver

I used to think it was annoying when I was all fascinated by weblogging and mentioned it in conversation and a majority of peeps would give a blank stare and say “sorry, what’s a weblog?” I understand that its relatively new (you know.. only 6 years old or so!!) but it still bothered me cause it ruined my high, not to mention my conversation. BUT sure enough, I have found something FAR more annoying, bring up PODCASTING in conversation. Utter disaster. Conversations come to a screeching halt. Nerd alarms go off… it’s downright freakish apparently, to use the term. My point — I hate how long it takes for new technologies and, for that matter, words, to become widely understood. Its enough to make me want to hide in a little podcasters club where we all speak the same language.

So I’ll try and keep my concentration while one gorgeous british gal looks in at me over the monitor… must.. concentrate… blog.. not.. girl.

At this very moment in Washingtonland, the man they call president is being sworn in . I’m not sure if my buddy and local mover and shaker, D-Rock, is going… I’m pretty sure the administration has a restraining order against his ass. But I do know that Ms._Thingk is THERE. YES! She sent an email, she’s doing well in DC.. super busy.. as you can imagine happens to all young, smarty pants, hot, democratic senatorial interns. Hopefully she doesn’t end up like the ol’ Washingtonienne. Although I hear the fame and fortune are decent, not to mention the sex.

But my thoughts on the inauguration are few. I was there, along with D-Rock, in 2001, to express my dissent for a president who was not elected and I felt was absolutely not qualified (one term as gov. is a crap CV/Resume.. to me.) Sure enough we were corralled behind barriers, searched, and randomly intimidated by displays of police power. (aka.. helicopters, parades of police cars, snipers, riot gear.. ) Nothing says FREE SOCIETY and DEMOCRACY like a display of iron fisted militarism. And so today should be more of the same.. though probably fewer demonstrators… since well.. its widely accepted that he won the vote.

So I’m across the ocean watching it all, and when i’m not feeling blissfully isolated from the madness, I just think — I guess this is what the country has to do. Meaning.. relatively speaking, the US is a young country. Like a human.. countries make mistakes, especially when they are young… so in a weird kind of way, maybe this is what the country needs to go through… the BUSH phase, and all the thinking that comes with it. As for those who didn’t want this.. well you’re all being dragged along for the ride. Oh and so is Spongebob.. sorry buddy.

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Today’s Sounds: Cardigans – Long Gone Before Midnight