For the Censors

Before I could even start writing this thinger tonight, 54 came on Dutch public television. You know.. the one with Mike Meyers. I had never seen it. I thought it was going to be that boogie nights movie and I figured I should watch so I can finally understand what the big deal was about the wang scene. That’s right… its late night and bicyclemark was looking for wang. Quote that doggy.

So in fact it was from the point of view of some bartender from studio 54… and I felt what made the movie was Mike Meyers. Dam he rocked. I think all the Austin Powers movies messed him up, kinda like when the Clash discovered synthesizers. And while I despise and cannot afford nocturnal club culture, I thought it was a sweet story. Especially Ron Jeremy’s cameo. Oh and I find myself rooting for the Jersey characters… even that Neve.

I bet mentioning a porn star or even the word wang gets me banned on certain corporate/organizational firewalls. Both Brain of J and my bro BigdaddyJ have mentioned the troubles of work firewalls and how blogs like the busblog or xtx are considered too smutty. Talk about fascism and censorship… you should rise up and rebel! Can you imagine this in the hayday of organized labor? The headline would read “Workers at GM and Ford plants stage sit-in over smut on the net.” And the cops would probably come and crush some skulls… but by god.. there would be access to naughty stuff and new computers to boot. (or boot up)

And if that doesn’t inspire you, they mapped the world again. This time better. Australasia looks nice. Plus if you’re playing risk, it’s a good place to start.. cause you just building up and.. well..

You know who made my evening? Asia Kennan the supa-cool Deconstructionist. She gave me good tunes and taught me how to be down with Portland ways. Now I know the lingo when I head that way; and I’ll be prepared with my own nag champa and phish cd’s when I swing by Eugene. She also gave me a new idea:personal podcasts… hmmm.

Today’s Sounds: Lali Puna – Tridecoder (lovin it… but they don’t know it in Portugal)