Man oh man… yesterday was insane. It was as if the entire world woke up, went to work, got bored at work, and found my podcast. First I got a cd from xtx in the mail. Enclosed in the envelope was a Sigfried & Roy hologram, met de vite tigers.

And then – BAM.. the communiqu? got more hits than Michael Jackson yesterday.. set a new personal record. Got a great response from Adam Curry, the godfather of pod, to my site-seeing tour, and as I write this I’m listening to his today podcast and sure enough — IM ON IT! What an ego booster.. I got emails from real life friends I didn’t know were listenin, folks that had never come to the blog before, and best of all, lots of Dutch people who liked my tour. It’s very much validating to hear natives enjoy the reflections of a little ol’ immigrant like myself.

But fear not fair reader… this post isn’t only about me and my shallowness. MAIS NON! I brought a news item that blows my mind and it going to be the talk of the preverbial town in the coming years. THE BUILDING OF A TUNNEL BETWEEN SPAIN AND MOROCCO.

Yes that’s right! Under the sea for you and me. And let me just say.. I’m 100% in favor of it. I think. My policy, in general, is that I hate borders. I’m in favor of having policies that allow people to freely travel between countries. When i have my own country, OPEN BORDERS. And if that makes you nervous, despite your xenophobic tendencies, I’ll look into making you a special play-pen. Cause I wouldn’t want you all upset.

Anyhoot, I’ll be surprised if this ever happens, despite the plan. Too many years of racism and profiteering from illegal immigration via waterways. Then again, I guess we’ll just see more of the same, only via train and car.

If you want to see a great Video-blog or Video-Cast of Amsterdam, check out the Mindcaster’s creation. Tell me he doesn’t hit at least 5 people while riding the streets with his camera in hand. I guess I myself hit 3 people per day and it doesn’t really effect me. -Suckers.

PS – Tomorrow’s podcast features a special guest cinefile who wants to talk movies. — yuck. )

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