Family Ties

So it’s sunday… and that’s podcasting day on the communiqu?, as you well know. But before I get to that, I just got one of the coolest emails related to this here blog.

You’ve heard of people blogging just to get it all out. Or the one’s who do it to be part of a community. Lots of us make friends through blogging, kickass friends. It certainly helps to keep old friends in touch as well. Then you’ve got those who actually get sweet lovin’ thanks to their blog, even meet their life partner. Hell some even raise money to buy ipods! But what I had never thought about, nor read about, was that a blog might help LONG LOST FAMILY FIND FAMILY.

A member of the bicyclemark family (who’s likely to be reading this right now – hello) happened to be browsing google to see what the latest results were for his family name. Though he was born in Jersey and was also Portuguese from the same town, he knew there were a few families with the same last name that may not be related. But he noticed the communiqu? and so he emailed me to find out — are we related?

Through the wonders of email, we swapped stories and family details. Turns out… he had somehow seen a Season’s Greetings photo featuring a baby that resembled the photos of A-Ren in my blog. He began to spit out fuzzy details about a cousin with my father’s first name, only those details were a mix of things about my uncle and my father. Indeed my uncle did work for the Portuguese Airline and yes, we had a Portuguese radio show on the AM dial til I was 12 years old. So now it’s become clear — he is most definitely my cousin. HOW COOL! Blogs reunite families! We’ll now swap photos and I’ll send my maezinha and paizinho the cool news. Together we’ll fill in the blanks about my family’s genealogy. Can’t wait to here about the bicyclemarkians who migrated from Portugal to Jersey and then… to Cali? Not bad blogosphere… NOT BAD.

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