Channeling Dick

Before I get to our featured dead guy interview, I wanted to give lots and lots of love/respect/thanks to Kevin mcNoCoins who threw a bit o cash into my paypal tip jar to help pay for my podcasts. Wow. I was so happy… as much as I love podcasts and accepted the cash loss for paying for space, it feels wonderful to have gotten “tipped” by someone who likes the show. Can’t wait til sunday’s podcast.. it’s gonna be a circus.

Without further adue, direct from that whitehouse in the sky, 37th US president, Richard Nixon!

BM: Welcome to Communiqu? Mr. President… or how about just DICK.

D: That’ll be fine son, very glad to be here, what did you call this thing… a blob?

BM: Nevermind that sir, consider it a newspaper. I channeled you from the dead since well, you’re an interesting historical figure and the US has just inaugurated another 2-termer. What do you think about that?

D: So this is some sort of newspaper? Well I never heard of it.. hope it isn’t some commie rag. But right… the second term of MR. W. Bush… I think it’s fantastic, and I wish him all the luck in the world.. cause let me tell you, it’s not an easy job. No sir. Gave me heartburn and an ulcer… I couldn’t even sleep.. it was so nice to finally die all those years later.

BM: Now two-termers are notorious for scandal; Iran-Contra, MonicaL, and well.. your little trouble.

D: Well it didn’t take you long did it, obviously they still like kicking ol dick around. Well fine.. I suppose you’re right, but so long as Bush doesn’t surround himself by ASSHOLES the way I did, he should come out smelling cleaner then when he went it. Agh… if I could just get my hands on that blasted deep-throat.. I’d just keep squeezing. Ehm.. that’s off the record son.

BM: Right, of course, the communique always stays true to whats “of the record.” Hey how is the Nixon library doing? How does it manage financially?

D: Government subsidies and rich friends, son… You think inaugurations are the only things they spend millions on? No sir.. Matter of fact, I just read that Carter spent only 1 dollar per guest at his inaugural gala, what a boyscout. Now Bush, he knows how to make the good times roll and spend in the red.

BM: That’s just about all the time I have for you – DICK… but I did want to ask one more question, how do you think the X-PRESIDENTS will succeed in fighting crime without you? What special power does Clinton bring to the team?

D: I’ll have you know I had nothing to do with that dam cartoon, and I suspect they owe my family royalties. But the clinton one is easy, his JOHNSON. And one final thought, I can’t believe Donald Rumsfeld was in the watergate tapes, and is now Secretary of Defense, while I had to resign and fade away. Bastard.

There you have it.. another worthless interview with a dead historical figure.

*Oh don’t miss when Tony Pierce went black for the inaugeration, excellent reading.

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