Can’t Afford the Pod

OK… I hope you’re sittin down and buckled in. Not only is there an audioblog, being that today is sunday, but I have upped the “anti” by making my

first REAL podcast (mp3)

using my new MP3 recorder and Audacity (audio software). It’s 6 minutes long, recorded in 56kbps 22,050 mhz (as recommended by someone at Whole Wheat Radio)I had lots of fun doing it, and even mixed in music tracks. (Taxi Europe by Stephan Eicher and then Rio by Vinicious Cantuaria and David Bryne)

While I wish I could do this every sunday, due to my modest site host plan, I would run out of space sometime in June, and I can’t afford that. But I was psyched to do this and there’s so much info on, it was great. I should also mention that I was bigtime inspired by this podcast from Tokyo Calling, thanks for the help Scott! So here’s the first one, and most likely, one of the few I’ll ever do this way.

(just a bit more nerd talk — for those of you who use’s audio blog phonenumber, that’s a great option cause the files are hosted on their server, not YOURS. Only shit is… you gotta be on the phone.. and Im friggin Holland!)