Blog Scientist

I have THE cutest photos of A-Ren… too many to post.. too many to look at, as the cute gland in your occipital lobe will burst and liquify in a state of “awwwww”.

Jamiee of the Known Universe called me something of a blog scientist. I love jamie for the way he understands and translates my bla-bla-bla. Hangin out and talking with him is like hanging out with someone I’ve known for years. Plus his family has roots in Newark – the Brick City. And then he also has links to Union, NJ as well. All we have to do now is prove that Jamie is Portuguese and we’ll be de facto brothers…. fo shizzle.

So I went into the village and met up with he and the world-reknown Torontonienne, who got bored in Accordian City and came down to NYC. She’s crashing with Jamie, coincidentally I introduced them over dinner back in Amsterdam this past fall. I like to feel good for bringing bloggers and friends together, which also creates this humongous social network, where everybody is separated by a few degrees. Take Anti Dis, for example; I was not a reader of his blog, but I knew of him. Then I noticed the Torontienne had met him over the blogosphere, and apparently Jamie is friends with him as well. Viola – one beautifully incestuous blogosphere… now I feel like I know a little about Anti and I read his blog.

As Jamie mentioned in his blog, I can talk for hours about the social networks that are in orbit around groups of blogs. Whether they be readers, writers, online or offline, everyone is connected somehow. I love how I can talk to my offline friends, like my brother and say things like “So Brian from theStateImIn is doing so and so” and since he reads my blog and reads the comments, he knows exactly who Im talkin about. In fact, he separated by one degree from Brian…. via me.

I really started waxing lyrical about mapping the blogosphere as the three of us walked into a used bookstore near Cooper Square last night. I talked about Mathemagenic’s “Rose Diagram” which shows weblogs as little nodes, and how many other blogs are connected to them. I remember first seeing this and trying to find my little node branching out from the busy nucleus. Jamie laughed and said his node would probably be somewhere near pluto. I reminded him that wherever it was, you can bet its a huge molecule looking thing, because he is a dam well known and prolific blogger.

Oh and I heard Dave Chapelle on NPR the other day. I don’t care how excessively popular he is, the man is one of my comic heros.

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