Back on the Scene

What? You heeeeard? Turn my headphones up! I’m back in Amsterdamage baby, and got back into the swing of things today. Saturday things that is. What are these typical saturday things, you may ask?:

    – Apartment viewing with Aim… fancy digs, sweet location, lots of windows, but I can’t afford it.

    – Sat in the rocking boat with Crazy Dr. M. Apparently, with these extreme wind days in Holland, the good Dr.’s houseboat gets swung to and fro. He admitted to have gotten a bit sea sick the other night when he got home. As I sat in his living room chatting, I was totally enjoying how the whole house was bobbing and knocking against the dock. Now thats livin’!

    – Sat home and read every blog known to humanity. Heard all about Raymi and the Torontonienne’s crazy dancin. (can you believe she met Raymi? My lil’ blog girl’s all grownsd up!)

    – Got a couscous dinner with McManus at Latei, followed by a glass o’wine at Oosterpark. (all for under 10 euro of course) Basically ridin all over Amsterdam to see what has changed in my 16 day absence.

    – Came home expecting to read my newspapers and listen to podcasts, but instead had my world rocked by XTX’s audio MADnEsS. So fun.

In other news I read about how, 40 years later, the Mississippi burning case is finally going to court. You remember that movie? No not the one where Samuel L. shouts “YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL.” This movie was the one with Gene ‘THE HACK’ Hackman and Willem DeFoam running around like feds while southerners make them feel unwelcome. Exciting stuff… this unswift justice.

Today’s Sounds: XTX’s Audioblog.. over and over..