5 Star Hotel

I’ve shifted apartments here at the bicyclemark ranch. I now have a garden view, no more tourists looking in my window as I eat breakfast or play horn without pants on. Although I will miss the canal view, I’m quite content with the plum tree and the cat who interact with each other at my new windows.

Since I’ve just moved in (down the hall.. so it took me 4 hours to move to my new place) I figure why not celebrate by spending the night at a 5 star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam. Free of course, cause I know all the right people… I’m so looking forward to it.

While I go rough it in the lap of luxury, I’ve been watching Iraqi’s vote in make-shift booths with m16’s all around them. I keep forgetting who’s protecting who from who. Nothings says democracy like tanks in the streets and guns in your face. And man do my ears ring everytime they call it a historical day. Historical my ass… I remember when Saddam used to hold elections and you could only vote for him. This isn’t the same, but it isn’t that far off either. In both cases people will be treated as if they are threats to the government, arrested occasionally, and possibly tortured — since that’s an ok method to get your information.

The only news item I found nice was the story of Iraqi ex-pats who voted here in the netherlands. The images and stories were really… heartwarming and funny (dances and feasts surrounding the polling stations).

Today’s Sounds: Ani Difranco – The new one