XTX Review Bonus

When she’s not rockin’ the blog mic, or workin herself silly, xtx inspects blogs like mine. And here’s her latest, a review of that pic randomizer of my melon.

Ttothe33: the red shirt pic?

Ttothe33: you look like

Bicyclemarko: oh no.

Bicyclemarko: nooo

Ttothe33: mr. bean

Bicyclemarko: oh. that.

Ttothe33: like a young mr. bean

Bicyclemarko: Im sure the beanster had his share of uk lovin.

Ttothe33: he has.

Ttothe33: now i have the flash forehead pic

Bicyclemarko: I have the shinin there

Ttothe33: its very chakra

Ttothe33: i like this one the blurry purple shirt pic

Ttothe33: you look very blurryandsome(blurry + handsome)

Ttothe33: if i squint, you might be hot

Bicyclemarko: nice.

Ttothe33: it fucks with my eyes

Ttothe33: but i like yer outfit

Bicyclemarko: oh thanks that one always gets the looks from the ladies at work.

Ttothe33: i’m back to the bike licking pic

Ttothe33: VERY obvious you are licking your bike…

Ttothe33: well, here is my final overall review: bicyclemark is pretty damn good lookin even when he is cartoony or blurry or has dirt on his face

Ttothe33: tracy give BM four stars!

Ttothe33: two thumbs up!

Ttothe33: “i was riveted!”

—Thanks xtx!